Baseball and Softball Little League for Duvall, Washington and surrounding areas.

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Did you know that when you donate time or money to a non-profit organization such as Sno-Valley  North Little League, several local companies will match those funds or pay for your volunteer time in the form of a donation? It's true! SVNLL is able to fund scholarships, buy equipment, and keep up our fields up using these donations. The full list of companies that match can be found here: but we have included the most common local contributors below. 

Microsoft Matching: 

To make a financial donation, simply go to http://give and click Match Now! Select Organization Name: Sno-Valley North Little League or TaxID: 911385902 

You can also submit your volunteer time to be matched. Microsoft pays $17/hour (annual minimum of 10 hours per person) for every hour that you volunteer. Please go to http://give and select Volunteer Manager, then Record Hours. 

Boeing Matching:

Boeing offers employees a 1:1 match for personal donations of cash (retirees receive a 0.5:1 match)

Boeing pays $250 for every 25 hours that you volunteer.

For further information about financial or volunteer donations to our league please visit: